WAAAGH! - Orks in the System

Random – Hello with the recent Ork Codex release the green menance seems to be a pretty popular subject. I don't actually have any Ork commissions to share with, nor do I plan on starting my own Ork force.

Instead I'm shamelessly plugging some ebay auctions I have going on at the moment. A friend of mine has had a heck of an odd time last year he and his wife lost their first child while in the womb. A terrible thing to happen to anyone for certain. However shortly after they gave it a second try and have a healthy happy little boy. 

Of course as you know, a new child means less time for yourself and unexpected expenses. My friend has decided to slim down his various Warhammer armies and has asked me to help him out. 

If you check out this link you'll find all the current auctions I have up all the Ork models are being sold for my friend. You'll find some great deals on Deffkoptas, Warbikes, Storm Boyz, Dreadnoughts, Killa Kans and more.