On the painting table ... Malifaux Miss Step

Malifaux – With my next batch of commission models I have some more Arcanist Malifaux characters to assemble and paint up. 

First up is Miss Step the special edition version of the Steamborg Executioner. I remember how much I loathed putting the original metal model together (I think I did six so far). So I was leery of how it would work in plastic. (Will the face be a separate piece, do I have to glue in each finger; these are the fears I had when accepting the job...)

They model went together easily with a good instruction sheet provided. The parts are super tiny and fragile however so I had to dig out my forecepts to put the cables in here hair and on the arms. Mounting it is also a pain as there is no area to accept a pin. Luckily unlike the metal original the plastic version can be plastic welded to the base supplied base. I added some cork and had one of the bearing touch so I could get a fourth attachment point and I think this turned out good.

Next is the Mechanical Rider, one of the Malifaux Four Horsemen this is a very cool model that is super easy to assemble as it's mostly on solid hunk of metal. Of course that one solid hunk of metal that is only touching the base on a tiny little leg ... surprisingly it supports the weight really well and looks pretty cool. To re-enforce the join I added some cork and sand to smooth the transition to the base.

The Toolbox is an easy one to put together as you can drill into the sockets and the existing "pins" fit snuggly. 

After priming these I did a quick base coat with the metallics and followed it up with a wash to bring out the detail and then started on the base coats. At this point I just need to go in a pick out the highlights and clean up any edges.


In an unrelated note, I'm selling off a ton of Orks for a buddy so check out the ebay link at the top of the page to get a good deal on some OOP stuff as well as some newer models at good prices.