101 Things to Do with Craters #2

Terrain Making – I finally had a chance to get back to the series I started a few weeks ago. As I mentioned then I have a mold I made for craters back when they were a thing needed for Warhammer 40K. As such i don't want it to go to waste so I'm working on various terrain sets that use some or all of the crater to create unique items from a common mold.

The set I'm working on now is a themed board that uses the colors I typically use for a desert set combined with some plastic plants to make a jungle-esque set of terrain. I'm planning on redoing my main 4'x6' board and as such I want to make most of my new terrain sets in colors that will match what I have planned. This will hopefully make it so I don't feel obligated to do a new board base every time I make a new set of terrain.

Anyway after constructing the rocky sections using my craters and insulation foam I glued them down to some 1/4" MDF shapes. I find using this for terrain is very sturdy and it's easy to cut. It does take a bit more work as you need to sand the edges to get a good transition but in the end this is worth the work.

After gluing everything down I coated it with thinned down wood glue and covered it with my mixture of sand, kitty litter and various broken bits of plaster. I allowed this to dry for a few hours in the sun.

While that was drying a made a quick trip to Home Depot and had them color match the hobby colors I use for my miniature bases in a flat latex paint. A quart of each should last me through several sets of terrain so it's well worth the investment. I've also found that premium house paint stands up to the rigors of game play for terrain sets better than craft paint.

I based coated everything with my brown and then went back in to dry brush with the sandstone color. At first blush these look pretty good. I then went into the pools and painted them with a bright green. I plan on making these slim/acid pools to bring in some more color to the set as well as giving it a slightly other-worldly appearance.

UP NEXT: Apply a wash of brown ink to get the color to match my bases better and to do more detail work on the slime pools. Then glue down the vegetation.