Hazard Stripes ...

Terrain Making – So the template idea I had for the railings didn't really work out. Because of how small the bars are it was difficult to keep my acetate template in place (probably should have cut it from masking material or used stencil adhesive). So rather than hold up my progress to  figure it out I opted to just freehand the lines. I'm sure a decal or stencil would probably be more consistent but this works.

Once I finished painting the stripes on each railing I was ready to begin assembling the straight sections. This is pretty straightforward and just a little bit of woodglue is all that is needed to make them super sturdy. The design of this terrain set continues to impress me with how well detailed and quickly it goes together.

I also glued the florescent tubes in place at this stage. I do need to go back in and paint the tiny wooden caps as they were to small to paint prior to assembly. I'm also going to apply a coat of glow-in-the-dark paint to each tube. It's probably overkill but It could look cool and I have a bunch of it that I got on sale after Halloween.

The airlock got glued together at this point as well. I'm really happy with how the interior of these look. The effort to paint them first was well worth it as there is no way I could get my brush into these spaces once the whole thing is put together.