On the painting table ... Bloody Angels

Warhammer 40,000 – My next big project is a Blood Angels Successor chapter. My client decided he really like the color scheme for the Angels Sanguine. Which means I'm painting a halved scheme for the first time. And of course this is a basic 3 color plus wash level so I need to figure out how to do it quickly.

After a bit of experimenting I decided on mixing a custom dark grey for the black, this will let me use the same earthshade wash that I'm using on the red to do the black shading. This turned out great and made it super easy to get these models base coated and washed to the standard that is expected on these models.

In order to not lose my mind painting these I decided to split them up into squads of 10. My client is new to the game and really didn't know what he had when he picked up the army so I'm also splitting these up and making him a visual reference for what each model is.