Skewed List Building and Missions

Skewed List Building and Missions

Warhammer 40,000 – 8th Edition 40K offers so much variety in list design, I get lost just seeing what kind of crazy combinations I can put together and have a functioning list. One of my favorite exercises is picking an element and overloading my list so it's almost completely skewed to one thing. Most of the time I don't do really well with them but most most recent build has done really well on the table, considering I didn't think it was very good to begin with.

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Boxes - Building what's in them to free up space

Boxes - Building what's in them to free up space

Warhammer 40K – If you're anything like me you have boxes of unassembled miniatures all over your game area/hobby room. My drug of choice for models on sprue is Space Marines mostly. It's one of those ubiquitous things that I always have on my wish list for Christmas just because there's always another variation to build, another squad load out to try, or just a cool idea to kit base and covert a unique pose.

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On the painting table ... Bloody Angels

On the painting table ... Bloody Angels

Warhammer 40,000 – My next big project is a Blood Angels Successor chapter. My client decided he really like the color scheme for the Angels Sanguine. Which means I'm painting a halved scheme for the first time. And of course this is a basic 3 color plus wash level so I need to figure out how to do it quickly.

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On the painting table ... Tanked

Warhammer 40K – My newly refocused efforts are starting to pay off. After finishing the third tactical squad I decided to dedicate some time to completing their transports. In order to differentiate the various rhinos I have from one another I used parts of different kits to give them their own look and feel. The vindicator kit and the whirlwind both have some unique fittings that can help to make the rhino stand out. I try to keep the modifications generic enough to be able to represent the various upgrades available that I would consider taking. Also in an effort to make these chassis universal I made some custom gun turrets from some left over bits so I could also use these as razorbacks if need be.

I used a custom purple mix for the base coat and followed this with a wash of leviathan purple. It's not quite the same are the purple ink I used initially with the army and I haven't decided if I need to track down more purple ink from somewhere to get an exact match. One of the problems with dragging projects over long time spans are paints dry out and get discontinued so having an exact match might be difficult.

After getting the base coat down I went in and painted the silver portions as well as picked out the details on the doors and hatches. I have the Forgeworld Raven Guard doors I'm using on all my tanks to some extent and I think it helps to bring out the character of the tanks better than a simple decal on the doors.

After base coating everything and putting down the primary washes I go back in and do the edge highlights and clean up the shading. This is by far the most tedious part of the process but it does equate to a nice clean look on the tabletop. My goal is always to have something that looks good at arms length and stand up to some scrutiny up close. Intricate blends are reserved for showpiece models that won't ever see table time.

Once the paint is complete I'll go in and add decals to match the tank up with the squad it is assigned to. This is a big deal for me as the decision for what squad goes in what becomes pretty permanent once the decals are applied. For me this is ok because the clarity of saying yes single arrow squad 7 is in single arrow seven rhino is better than pointing at the table and saying, "Um I think it was this one..."

And they shall know no fear ...

Warhammer 40K – My most anticipated release of sixth edition 40K has finally arrived. Space Marines love them or hate them are what define 40K. Everything else in the Warhammer 40,000 universe is really just filler for the eight foot tall power armored defenders of humanity. Anyone who has ever dipped their toes into the grim dark 41st millennium has owned or has a buddy that owns Space Marines. As such this release will have the biggest impact in this edition.

I picked my copy up from a local retailer that offers a 20% discount on GW stuff. This little discount is enough for me to stop by and pick up any stuff I might need. Sure I could probably find stuff cheaper online but I prefer to support my local stores so that I will still have a local store in the future. The price is a bit shocking but you can rationalize it with the fact that it's hardcover and in full color.

Moving on, everybody and their brother is going to go page by page and review this so I'm going to keep it general. The cover is nice and the embossing and UV spot varnish is cool, unnecessary but it looks nice. There is a ton of new art in this book as well as many of the same recycled pieces of art that have been in every marine book in recent memory. Personally, I'm sick to death of the Ultramarines Second Company by now, why not get some new art for a change.

The first part of the book is all background and it's nice to see the other "Codex" chapters get some love and more detailed background. This carries through to the unit entries which are organized by function instead of force organization slot, a nice change as this feels more like the Forge World books. From there you move into the model shots of which there seem to be a significant number of new shots.

Once you get through the background and photos there is the army list. This is set up just like the rest of the sixth edition codexs, with a unit summary options and costs. I like that they are still references the fluff page from back here as it makes finding stuff a little easier. The fold-out reference guide is also present and is worth photocopying laminating and keeping in your mini case for ease of use.

So overall the book looks good and functions the same as the rest of the books GW is steam rolling out. I'm happy with my purchase and hope that this editon will lat at least 2-3 years to justify the costs.


Function: There have been some significant changes to how the army list functions. Previously you chose a special character to unlock the army traits you wanted. That still exists for the most part. The big deal is you can no longer mix and match choosing which traits you want to take. You choose a chapter and that dictates the abilities you have and what characters you can use. So if you want to use the Chronos tank upgrade you have to be an Ultramarine Successor and you can't take the named characters with characters from other chapters unless you have them as allies.

It seems like this is going to fix any broken combos that could rear their head but it's a little annoying for someone that made up their own chapter and "created" characters using the named ones for stats.

Some things have gotten cheaper but to get the exact same options as you had in the previous book for a ten man tactical squad in a rhino you're looking at a 5 point bump in cost. Which means I'm going to have to redo my huge book of lists which was to be expected with a new book; and honestly if you don't need the leadership and attack bump on the sergeant you can get the same number of models for 5 points cheaper. 

Overall it looks like I'll be able to retain most of my lists with little modification. With the revised Chapter Tactics I also have a slew of new options to try out with my home-brew chapter. This book has also rekindled my fire to complete my company as well as potentially adding some new units once I can choke down the ridiculous cost of the Centurion Models. 


Special Salamander - Captain Pellas Mir'san

Warhammer 40,000 – A while back I painted up a Salamanders force for a friend. He's really liking the list he has but as of late has decided he wants to add some different force commanders. I let him look through my Badab War books and he really liked the two characters available to him in the book.

The first character is a special dreadnaught, Bray'arth Ashmantle. This beast of a commander is pretty cool and Forgeworld makes a model for it. 

The second Salamander character is Captain Pellas Mir'san, which currently does not have a model. When I first looked at this guy during 5th edition he seemed pretty mediocre, cool concept but he didn't really change the force to much. Looking at him in 6th edition with Challenges, his abilities get significantly better. Essentially he's a duelist armed with two power swords and a combi-flamer. If he's in base with and enemy character he can either gain the +1 attack or deny the enemy an attack. Pretty nifty.

To build him I rummaged around in my bitz box to find the correct parts. I had an extra captain from Assault on Black Reach that I thought would make a passible base for the conversion. Next up were two power swords, one that came with the captain model and another that I think was from the force commander box. Since his hands would be full with the swords I decided to build a predator style combi-flamer to mount over his shoulder. By attaching it to the backpack he looks similar to the tech marine models, which ties in with the Salamanders forge father look.

After a bit a clipping, sanding and welding the plastic together I have a pretty cool model to represent this character.