Busting makes me feel ... good?

Kickstarter – So the Ghostbusters Board game had it's retail release on 11/11/15. As of his writing I still haven't received shipping notice for my "pre-ordered" game. I'm not really sweating it but on the comments section for this project people have had their pitchforks and torches ready since Halloween. (Initially promised to be in backer's hands by Samhain or 10/31 depending on your preference).

I've backed several projects over the years and am still waiting on some of them that have been hanging out there for three years or more. (Kingdom Death looking at you still, love the game but I'm still waiting on a bunch of stuff). None of them have delivered on time, at this point I just assume add at least three months to what the estimated delivery is and you might not be disappointed. So projects being late is to be expected.

This particular project had a high-ish buy in cost, lots of exclusive add-ons and a after the fact shipping charge. For the pledge you get quite a bit of stuff that isn't supposed to be offered at retail. The other big selling point was getting it prior to retail release.

Well due to some mistakes the product launched on 11/11/15 and the shipping company won't have all the pieces shipped until Christmas. It's too bad this happened as it's cause a lot of "feel bad" moments for fans that helped launch the game. What's worse is you can order the game from amazon at a sizeable discount with free shipping. 

I'm hoping all the cool extras help ease the bad feelings once the game arrives.