Full Load – Assembling a Horde

Warhammer 40,000 – I'm going to be busy for a while. Recently several of my regular clients dropped off boxes of plastic kits for me to assemble and paint. 

First up is my Angels Sanguine client, he had a box of Sanguinary Guard. I built these to match the box as he wasn't exactly sure how he planned on using them. It seems to be a decent load out with the Sergeant able to take care of armor with the melta and power fist if need be. The models are very detailed and I look forward to painting these up in the halved red and black scheme to match the rest of the force (I'll do gold masks like Dante).


Next up is my White Scars (Dawn Spears) client. If you remember these are the orange marines I painted a while back. He also picked up the Kauyon Supplement and decided to add some of the formations listed in there. So far he's dropped off (2) Shadow Talon Strike Forces and (2) Mega Battleforces. He's going to have some additional items like scouts to add so this should keep me busy for a little while.

My third client has issues. I am now looking at 27 assassin and a Grey Knight Battleforce that need to be assembled and painted. What he's going to do with this many assassins I don't exactly know. I supposed running several Execution Force formations could be a viable list in some format. He's asked that I think of a way to make them unique even though the poses are identical.

With my plate pretty full at the moment I'm going to have another Blood Angel force, Knight House, and Space Wolves following right behind these so i should be busy for a little while. Eventually I'll be able to get back to working on my Twilight Ravens.

I should have some additional updates on these jobs to post up soon as the assembly is now done.