Happy Black Friday

Random – Most of America is caught up in a buying frenzy for the Holiday Season. It doesn't seem to be a big of a deal today since the sales have really been going on since Halloween. It's pretty sad that our holidays have turned into one big "buying season". I get that retail is always looking for the next big thing to real in the guest but at what point do you just call it enough?

I was happy to see some retailers did take the high road and postpone putting up Christmas decorations until today as has been traditional until recently.

Kingdom Death does have some great deals for Black Friday is you missed the kickstarter or just need to add some more amazing models. I need to play a bit more but I think I might need more armor kits in the future. Half price isn't a bad deal.

Dragon Forge is also having a Thanksgiving sale. Jeff does great work and is the place to go if you need some resin bases. I know I'll be in touch when I start my 32mm base conversion on my marines.

Cryptozoic has a free shipping sale. Glad to see they don't have Ghostbusters available. If they did I'm sure their backer's would riot...

Sodapop is having a pretty good sale on their existing stock as well. I wish they'd restock the few Relic Knight models that haven't been released. The game is really fun and I wish they could get it off the ground. (Just goes to show what a bad kickstarter can do for your product) That potion party game might be cool worst case it's more super dungeon dice. Helldorado is deeply discounted as well might need to round out a few of my forces.

Megacon Games has a few deals going on, I really liked the MERCS franchise and hope to get back into it. Curious to see what they did with a second edition.

Armorcast has a 20% off deal going, a good time to stock up on their cinematic effects.