Ready to Ram ... Assembling the Caestus Assault Ram

Warhammer 40,000 – My fingers have a nice crust of scales, you know what that means, I'm been assembling Forgeworld. It seems that every time I put something together from them I wind up with super glue covered fingers. It's probably because of the difficult fit on some of the parts force me to hold in weird places. I should really invest in some bands and clamps to help hold big vehicles like this together during assembly.

The kit is relatively simple and since i bought it second hand it didn't have instructions so I had to wing it by looking at photos of completed pieces. Since there aren't that many parts on this one it wasn't to difficult. As with all Forgeworld there's a bunch of vents that need to be removed and some parts that need to be reshaped.

While the kit has a fully detailed interior I opted to glue the doors shut to avoid any issues in the future. I consider my 40K stuff game pieces rather than showpieces so durability and ease of transport is more important to me than cool interiors and opening doors, moving parts tend to break.

I opted to use a Dragon Forge Designs flight base for this project. I think they look better than the weird x-stand Games Workshop provides. Dragon Forge is a little behind on their orders but if you need something quickly they're pretty helpful. I plan on using this in an event next month and Jeff was able to get these out to me right away. He make quality products and its worth the wait to get his base sets.

I'm hoping to get a 2000 Point game in with this kit soon here's a quick list I came up with:

Iron Hands Combined Arms

HQ - Level Two Librarian

HQ - Techmarine, combi-grav and servo-arm

Elite - (10) Assault Terminators 5 Lighting Claws, 5 Thunderhammers/Storm Sheilds

Troop - (5) Scouts, Missle Launcher, 3 sniper rifles, camo cloaks

Troop - (5) Scouts, Heavy Bolter, 4 sniper rifles

Fast - Caestus Assualt Ram

Fast - Drop Pod

Heavy - (3) Centurions, Hurricane Bolters and grav-cannons

Heavy - Fire Raptor Gunship Belly Auto Cannons

Heavy - Relic Sicaran sponson lascannon

Raven Guard Raptor Wing Formation

Land Speeder - Mulit-melta, assault cannon

Stormtalon - twin-linked lascannon

Stormtalon - twin-liked lascannon