Wind beneath my wings ... Saguinary Guard wrapped up

Warhammer 40,000 – The Angels Sanguine have left the building. Well almost. My client picked up a box of Sanguinary guard and needed them to match the rest of the force I just did.

These are now wrapped up more photos are available in the gallery.

2016 looks to be a busy year. So far I have slated two Salamanders armies that need models added, a Grey Knights salvage job from some fire damaged sprues, Imperial knights, Inquisitors to match up with the assassin force, some D&D barbarians and more models for the Space Wolf force I worked on earlier this year.

Of course are some point I need to squeeze in work on my Twilight Ravens, get a review up of Ghostbusters, assemble and paint more Kingdom Death as well as try out Betrayal at Cath before I resign the models to be more of my full chapter project. I'd also love to get some work done on my Super Dungeon models as I've yet to try Forgotten King ...