On the painting table ... Orange Tide

Warhammer 40,000 – Busy in not a strong enough word to describe what I've been lately. My latest commission of a White Scars-ish Space marine army has been devouring most of my free time at the moment. I'm really happy with how quickly I've been able to get through these models considering about 75% of them needed to be assembled and based as well as painted. My client is pretty laid back about how quickly I turn these around but I'm really pushing to get everything done ASAP.

Since picking them up on April 25 I've gotten the following components assembled and at least base coated with three colors:

(27) Bikers

(6) Attack Bikes

(2) Storm Talons

(1) Storm Raven

(1) Dreadnaught

(1) Chaplain on Bike

(1) White Scars Captain on Bike

(2) Razorbacks

(1) Rhino

(1) Drop Pod

(30) Tactical Marines

(10) Devastator Marines

It's been quite an adventure so far and I've gone through way more paint then I anticipated but once I restock on my washes I should be wrapping these up before the end of the month. 

Once I finish the washes I need to go in and do the bone highlights, flesh tones, eyes and any sensor lenses. Then it's the fun job of applying the decals. 

This shouldn't be to bad as I'll prep every model for the decals and then hopefully be able to assembly line them with each step to get the decals smooth and sealed.