Good Knight?

Warhammer 40,000 – So less than a year after their initial release we've go a brand new Imperial Knight Codex. I for one am excited. I passed on the original codex because I couldn't stomach painting $30+ for two unit entries that I already got with my $3.99 White Dwarf pamphlet a year ago. This time around I decided to pick it up because the Knights are something I've been thinking about running for a while and I think the limited back story included in the codex is interesting. 

Essentially the book added a few more variants and gave every Knight upgrade options to take carapace mounts to deal with Flyers and beef up the amount of firepower they can dish out. They also added a sprue to the kit and increased the cost. It's a shame the upgrade sprue isn't available separately as I'd like to get some carapace weapons without having to buy the full kit. 

The book gives some good options and I'm looking forward to slowly building up a force of 3-5 Knights so I can run them as my core force once in a while.