Space Sharks ... How do you play them?

Warhammer 40,000 – I love making lists. In fact making lists quite often leads to me getting new stuff. Which is a problem. I've been making a concerted effort to only build lists with models that I own or have the parts to build already. I've also been making an effort to only play with stuff that is fully painted. (at the minimum I have to have the purple, white and gold on a model) 

I've had Tyberos for quite some time and started working on putting together a Space Sharks list to make use of him and his cool abilities but have had a terrible time finding the right list. It seems that everything I've tried previously just doesn't work. Granted it seems that this should be a deep-striking assault based army that strikes without warning and tears the enemy to pieces. That's what I picture at least.

Unfortunately the rules of the game don't quite match up with the fluff. Typically what happens when I deep strike in is the unit gets shot to hell before it can get into combat. And regardless of how great a 2+/5+ save is it doesn't hold up to focused fire. If you opt to drop in further away you tend to run into the same issue having to walk through a hail of fire. 

So after much deliberation I decided that my Space Sharks will instead ride in land raiders. I'm hoping this will solve the issue of them getting into combat and hopefully mean they can tear apart infantry as they were intended to.

Here's the 2000 point list:

  • HQ - Tyberos the Red Wake
  • TROOP - (5) Lightning Claw Terminators in Landraider Redeemer
  • TROOP - (10) Tactial Marines Bolt Pistol Chainsword, Sergent w/power weapon in a Rhino
  • TROOP - (5) Scouts w/Shotgun and Powerfist in Landspeeder Storm
  • ELITE - (6) Terminator Power Fists, Stormbolters, Cyclone Launcher in Landraider Crusader
  • HEAVY - (3) Centurion Devastators Grav Cannon in Land Raider

It seems to be a little light on models but with everyone in a ride I feel like I might be able to get them close enough to actually be able to use the Reavers of the Outer Darkness and Blood Hunger special rules. 

I figure gunning all of these towards the enemy line and then disgorging into combat will be the best option for this list. Although I might also be able to hold back and pick off units one at a time. Of course that all goes down the pipes if a lucky shot cracks my landraiders early. Hopefully I'll have some battle reports using this list soon.