Book Review - Vulkan Lives

Warhammer 30,000 – So this is probably a bit late, unless you're like me and refuse to buy the Black Library books until they release as mass market paperbacks so they match the rest of the stuff on your shelf. (and a a more reasonable price for a book you'll most likely read once).

Be warned there are some spoilers here mostly because it's necessary to review the book.

Vulkan Lives tells the tale of the Salamanders Primarch after the Drop Site Massacre. Konrad Kruse traps and tortures him about his ship while a rag tag group of Salamanders fits against the Word Bearers in another system. 

The story is told in a disjointed fashion with lots of flashbacks and jumping from place to place. For the most part it's contained within each chapter but in some spots the story will jump in the middle of the chapter. It's not my favorite story telling style but it works with what the author is trying to accomplish. I'm still not a huge fan of Nick Kyme both he and James Swallow have writing styles that put me off for some reason or another. I really want to like their work but for some reason any books (regardless of how well I like the story) seem to drag on for me. (a bit like Game of Thrones ... still can't finish the books)

The story itself is a good one with more information about the Perpetuals coming out. I'm curious as to how they'll tie in with the overall Heresy Story as right now it's more of a weird background thing. Perhaps the next Alpha Legion book will clear it up...

Anyway for a completist or Salamander fan this is a must read. Anybody else well it's a 40k story with a few cool twists.