Revisited - Assassins

Warhammer 40,000 – A little while back I painted up a team of Vindicare Assassins for a client, I had kept them pretty standard looking with just the straps being different colors. Initially he was quite happy with these but after having them on the table he decided he wanted to brighten them up. Part of the issue is he's color blind so it was hard for him to tell them apart. 

I took the models back and went full Power Ranger with them. Here's a shot of the red one and you get the gist of what the rest of the team looks like. Solid color body suit with white gloves and straps. These really stand out on the table and he seems to be much happier with them.

With the same batch he gave me the new assassins from the Execution Force game and had me paint them up in the traditional gray suits. For some reason I forgot to photograph the final results so here's some WIP shots of the team.