First Game with the New Marine Codex

Warhammer 40,000 – I was able to get a game in with my Iron Storm list that I posted about before the new book came out. Not much changed with my list points were very close to what they were with the old book and I didn't have to change much. 

I did email Forgeworld asking about when the Badab War PDF would be updated and got a response stating that they were working on it and it would be updated at an undetermined point. The rep confirmed that until then there would be no issue swapping the capitans, chaplains and chaptermasters around for the named characters to build a Gladius Detachment. Which is good new if I can convince my group to try the campaign again.

For this game my opponent was my client who I recently painted up Orange Marines for. He ran a White Scars lists that was bike heavy with a pimped out chapter master on a bike with the shield and burning blade. He also ran razorbacks as fast attack choices which is a goo option for a low cost tank.

The store recently had a fire in their old location and is still in the process of finishing the new location. Most of the terrain is airing out from the fire, but many of regular players donated some of their own terrain to keep the miniature area going in the interim.

The table we pulled out had a huge canyon in the middle of it with some bridges. We rolled up Purge the Alien on the mission chart with short edge deployment which helped to balance out the board.

I set up first and he failed to seize the initiative. The amount of fire and templates I was able to put on the table was pretty astounding combined with his inability to make saves for the first half of the game made it feel fairly one-sided. Until his reserves came in and his chapter mast reached my line. Suddenly things changed and I lost both knights before the end of the game. 

When we finally wrapped I had scored 12 points to my opponents 8. I'm pretty sure Purge is the best mission for this list but I'm happy with how it performed so far.