The NEW 32 ... Rebasing Space Marines

Warhammer 40,000 – When the first of the new Space Marine Models came out on 32mm bases the internet exploded in anger. I didn't really care, happy with my bases as they were I ignored the uproar and kept on painting. 

Recently I've found some 40K podcasts like Independent Characters (I know late to the party on that one) and Masters of the Forge who have hosts that discussed the progress of their rebasing and the various means they were using to do so. They seemed thrilled with how much better the models looked and I was intrigued.

Even more recently I just wrapped up painting some Dark Angel assault marines for a client who had purchased the new kit and based his models on the 32mm bases they came with. Well after finishing them up I was sold. The models just fit better and look more imposing on the bigger base. Gameplay value be damned I'm in this for the cool factor.

So I ordered up some bases from Dragon Forge Designs and after a painfully long wait the bases arrived. I figure if I'm going to do this I'm going whole hog so I started sculpting a little scroll on the front of each base. Insane I know but I like how it looks to have a name on the front of each model and the scroll helps set that off. With the sculpting done the next step is to start painting these bad boys up and popping my marines off the current bases.