On the painting table ... I've got a Secret

Warhammer 40,000 – I recently started work on an expansion force of Dark Angels for one of my clients. With the new book he realized that he was missing some units he needed for the formations so he picked them up and sent them my way.

I'm working on a tactical squad, three land speeders and two assault squads. The land speeders will all be the black of the Raven Wing and the rest of the models will be the traditional green and red scheme.

My client built a custom Plasma Talon version of the land speeder out of a land speeder storm, Landraider parts and plastic card. He did a really nice job on this conversion and I think once it's fully painted it will fit pretty seamlessly into the rest of his army.

He also built a custom version for the master of the Ravenwing to ride in. Since the vehicle is supposed to be AV 14 he opted to fully enclose the crew compartment and mounted power blades to the exterior of the vehicle. When I asked him what they were for he explained that the character can attack out of the vehicle, so with the blades on the outside he would just run into the target by jinking the speeder around. Pretty clever.

The other unique thing he did was to use the fancy Blood Angel wings for his veteran sergents in the assault squads. This little touch really brings to life the angels of death aspect of the Dark Angels.