On the painting table ... Dawn's Lament

Warhammer 40,000 – I recently found a good deal on ebay for a Knight Archeron to add to my collection. This will be my fourth Knight. With all of them I've avoided aligning them with a house. I think Freeblades make more sense to travel from warzone to warzone. As such I've been keeping the colors in the same pallet for each so even though they are unique individuals they still look good with the rest of my forces.

My other three Knights don't use yellow other than as an accent color. So for this one I decided doing a bright yellow monster would be fun. I've also always loved the scheme for the Lamenters so I figure this will be a chance to incorporate that black and white check pattern with the yellow background.

Assembly was pretty straightforward, the seller I got this from lost the instructions and didn't have the original bag so I had to wing it putting the thing together. Luckily many of the parts are similar looking to the other Knights so I was able to fumble through and make it look like the photos I've seen. I'm pretty happy with the results. It was surprising to me at how tall this is compared to my other Knights, which makes sense with the flank speed special rule it has.

The flamer is a god send. Lately I've been playing against chaos cultist spam and have been having issues with them outnumbering the amount of shots I can put out over the course of a game. My opponent is also playing the list from Imperial Armour 13 that using random leadership, somehow he's always at a nine or ten with these fanatics so they're not break to massive casualties.

With this massive Hell Storm template I should be able to clear the table of the ravening hordes that I've been having issues with in these Maelstrom games.