Feeling a Chill ... Frostgrave is calling

Frostgrave – I never really got into Mordheim, the game seemed interesting but Warhammer Fantasy never appealed to me. The buzz about Frostgrave got me interested in the game. My wife gave me the short story compilation for Christmas and while it wasn't mind-blowingly good it was interesting enough to convince me to spend the $18 to get the rule book.

The rule book is worth every penny. It's full color, hardback and laid out in a manner that makes sense. I'm not a fan of the "official" models but it's so generic that anyone can find models in their existing collection to build a warband. For a place holder until my reaper models arrive I'll be using some old Malifaux models. (Might as well since they've been in my bag since second edition came out, right?) I'm also very happy that this uses a 3'x3' board, I'll be able to use all the boards that have been gathering dust.

One of the projects that I abbandonned when Malifaux fell out of favor with my group was a large city table. I'm hoping this will work for games of Frostgrave because I'd like to revisit the project and convert this to a wintery scene. The game is set in a generic fantasy world which seams to be pre-steam power/gunpowder so some of my terrain might need a make-over. Perhaps the train-track could lead to a mine system?

I'm hoping to get a game in this week and I'll report back with a review/battle report.