Skaven Salvage

Warhammer Fantasy/Age of Sigmar – I love having really great game stores in my area. The place I regularly play at has been doing a great job sending commission work my way. So when they needed a favor I was happy to help them out. Apparently they pick up random armies from people looking to get out of the hobby or to change games on a regular basis. Usually they can turn these around pretty quickly but sometimes they get a stinker.

One such deal happened to find it's way to my table. Essentially it was a fairly decent size Skaven force with a few large pieces painted to a decent standard. The rest of it was partially assembled, broken or missing parts. In order to move this they asked me to paint them up to an economy standard. I don't do this often because honestly if you're paying to have things painted why not go for the best you can afford.

This economy level consists of three colors of paint and a quick wash. For the rats I think it turned out rather well and they look great from a few feet away as you would typically see on the tabletop.

If you like these models check them out at RIW Hobbies in Livonia MI.