Skaven Salvage

Skaven Salvage

Warhammer Fantasy/Age of Sigmar – I love having really great game stores in my area. The place I regularly play at has been doing a great job sending commission work my way. So when they needed a favor I was happy to help them out. Apparently they pick up random armies from people looking to get out of the hobby or to change games on a regular basis. Usually they can turn these around pretty quickly but sometimes they get a stinker.

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Random Commission ... Blood Angels Economy

Warhammer 40K – Kind of an odd commission to share today, a friend of mine took a shot at painting up his own space marine chapter. For a beginner I think he did a pretty good job getting them tabletop ready. He asked me to apply the decals to the models and seal them for him. 

So a pretty simple commission of applying waterslide decals and sealing them with a satin clearcoat. Above you can see the photos of how the models were supplied to me and below you can see the shots of the models after having the decals applied. A simple thing like unit markings can really bring a tabletop model to the next level.