Soooo ... Batman Miniatures Game ... hmm ... interesting

Batman Miniatures Game – Ok so I've painted a few of these crews for a client and really liked the models, in fact I like them so much that I started doing so research into the game and feeling out what models I would like for my own collection. Of course then they released a Suicide Squad box set based on the film and I jumped in. The character design from the movie was really unique and fits my tastes better than some of the more outlandish traditional batman villain costumes.

While I'm waiting for the box set and rules I've picked up a few MDF buildings and free agent models for characters I'm a fan of like Lobo. I'm not sure I'll be able to wrangle up a regular opponent for this game but I'm thinking a nice table set-up and few crews will be enough to scratch that itch. Worst case I start dragging it down to the gamestore like I did Malifaux.