On the painting table ... Top Gun

Warhammer 40,000 – Flight of the Valkyrie has been running through my head. I'm working on four of these planes, I guess they have a decent formation? I'm not really sure as I typically see Vendettas across the table. Never having put these kits together before I have to say I'm impressed. They go together smoothly even though it's the older style of GW kit with vague diagrams and no numbers on the sprue.

After priming grey I put down a coat of Jokero orange with a wash of Earthshade. This is the same process I've done for all the models in this force. (which seems to be infinite) I really like how cohesive this force looks on the table and it's very clever that my client keeps all his Imperial stuff in the same color scheme. As a gamer first this opens up his options to play whatever he'd like without being tied down to the old what do you mean your red marines aren't Blood Angels, nonsense. I feel like when you invest the amount of money most peopl do into 40K it's important to maximize that investment.