On the painting table – Kingdom Death: Core Set

Kingdom Death – I haven't finished my own Kingdom Death set yet and really would like to get all of the models put together and painted. One day I'll get to it. In the meantime a client dropped off the prologue survivors, white lion and butcher for me to paint up.

She's requested some OSL effects from the lanterns so this should be a fun project. It's going to tie in well with some fire demons I also have in my que so I'll be able to work on both effects simultaneously if everything goes as I have planned. (Love when I can be efficient!)

In order to make that happen I need to get the base colors down on these models. The above photo is just basic color blocking. I find it easier to put this down first and then apply some shade to help bring out the details before I get into the serious painting bit.

For the survivors she has the plastic base inserts but the didn't have any for the monsters. So I made a press mold to get some greenstuff faces to match what the survivors have on their bases. I broke them up and added some sand as when the survivors fight the monsters they have moved away from the stone face area in the game. Keeping the base colors in the dark browns and bone colors is important as then the models match the board you play on.

I'll have more updates on these soon and if all goes well I'll finally be completing a core set. Hopefully it will inspire me to take some time and get my own models done. (And possibly paint the extras that came with my pledge to sell on ebay)