MDF Slum Lord ... More TT Combat Terrain

Terrain Building/Batman Miniatures Game – After building the apartment building from TT Combat, I started putting together the Old Town WarehouseAbbandoned Brownstone and some random scatter terrain.

As with the apartment builidng I'm sponge painting the pieces on the sprue before I pop them out to assemble. I'm usually against painting on the sprue with plastic models, but since these are MDF it makes it much easy to get a basic color blend on the pieces to speed up the process of getting this looking good on the tabletop. Of course I'll still need to go back and clean these up, fill/paint the exposed edges; however the pre-painting means even if it takes me awhile to get to the clean-up stage I have something that looks decent on the tabletop.

I'm not going to glue the two warehouse pieces together to make it easier to store. I'm noticing that these mdf products have a smaller footprint than the near-future terrain I was scratch building (and actually still am working on when I have time) this means if I plan to do a full 4x6 table I might need to rethink my city blocks and pick up more terrain than I had originally planned. Luckily I have my eyes on a beautiful set of mdf buildings from Knights of Dice the china town range is amazing and the city foundations are a brilliant way to break up site lines and vary the high of the city without running into the weird slope issues I did when building the frostgrave table. Unfortunately they are in Australia which is a killer for shipping so this will have to wait until I can settle on enough stuff to get free shipping.

I'm hoping to get all of this figured our for a 3x3 table before my suicide box set arrives so I'll be able to jump right into playing the Batman Miniatures Game. I guess it was supposed to release on 10/28 but the company I pre-ordered with still hasn't received their stock. (yet oddly enough their main site says its ready to order ... I wish my local store stocked this so I could just get it from them).

 Soon I'll start painting up my own Batman miniatures, just as soon as I wrap up the rest of the stuff in my que: Logan Grimnar, 3X Knights, Dungeon Terrain, Fire Demons, Kingdom Death Core, Ultramarine Vehicles, Salamanders Army, Khorne Daemon Starter Army, and some Batman models for one of my regular clients.