The Wolf Lord Sleighs Again

Warhammer 40,000 – Just in time for the holidays Logan Grimnar rides across my paint table to bring grim darkness to all the good little Imperial Servants. My Space Wolf client is getting the core of his force just about wrapped up and wanted Logan on and off his sleigh to lead them to battle. The model isn't as ridiculous as it looks, although it does look pretty silly. But who am I to judge space vikings, a rocket powered longboat pulled by wolves makes sense right?

Anyway the detail on the model is really nice and has a ton of character. I painted this in the same basic style as the rest of the force with a slate grey base followed by a nightshade wash. The gold portions have a bronze base with gold highlights wash with earthshade to give them an aged look. 

The rest of the details match the standards of the rest of his force.