On fire ... DnD Project Progress

Dungeons & Dragons – I'm just aboiut done with these fire demons. It's a bit odd because the models aren't technically sculpted like they're on fire so I'm really just winging it to determine where the hot spots should be and where it cools down to more of an orange from the white and yellow areas. I'm happy with the results and I feel like the models are conveying that made from flame look.

One of the tricks I picked up to make the fire look really bright is to use fluorescent paints and glazes to bring out the transitions. When painting fire you do the opposite of what you would normally do to paint a model. The lightest color goes down first and then you work you way up to the darkest color for the areas that would typically be highlights. This will give you a realistic look to the flame and make it easier as you start with white and work you way up to a dark orange or red.