Batman: The Dark Knight ... Book Review

Book Review – As I've mentioned several times before in recent weeks, I never was a big DC fan so I'm behind on the times and have been trying to catch up. My most recent haul from the library is the complete New 52 run of Batman: The Dark Knight. 

All I can say is WOW, the art is really great and I love the dark feel of this book. I'm going to track down some of the other books in the New 52 to read the trades before I move on to Rebirth. I don't quite understand what the need to reboot every year or tow is all about but it does make it easy to jump in on a new story line without having several decades of back story to catch up on.

I think next I'm going to check out the Flash books from this same New 52 run. I never really followed the character so other than what I've seen on TV or through other books I didn't know much other than he runs fast and can mess up the timeline.