Mice and Mystics – Complete

Mice and Mystics – I have to be totally honest I know little to nothing about mice and mystics. When I started painting these I assumed they were for a Mouseguard RPG. 

One of my newer clients is big into board games and has several that she needs to have painted up so I think I might be painting more models I'm not completely familiar with the games they belong to. Which is something I enjoy about painting for others is getting things that would have probably never crossed my table previously. 

The models are pretty detailed for typical board game pieces, the plastic is slightly bendy, but more rigid than Reaper Bones. There weren't much in the way of mold lines however the blacksmith seems to have something going on with his face that may or may not be part of the sculpt.

Painting on these was relativley simple as my client wanted them to match the painting guide Plaid Hat put out. There are more photos in the Boardgame Gallery.