Winter Wonderland ... WIP Frostgrave Table

Frostgrave – After playing a game of Frostgrave, I'm hooked. The rules are simple yet deep enough to offer some interesting options. The concept is great and I'm eager to do more work on my fantasy urban table.

I spent most of the day in the basement winterizing this table and building some terrain to make it feel more like a sprawling metropolis instead of a weird mishmash of trees and rocks on cobblestones. (which worked just fine for the first game we played)

I started with the simple applications of some spackle to the board to block out areas where I'll eventually put snow flock. This also helped to smooth out the areas where building will go so they could sit flush without a big base to support them.

Next I took some ultra board that I rescued from the dump and cut out the shapes of the buildings. This material is a bit thick but I like using it for terrain because it's so durable. After cutting and gluing the parts together i dug through my box of bits to find something to use for the doors. (Honestly making custom doors for each building would be a bit of a drag) I found a useful bit and made a quick mold of it so I could cast enough to use on every building for the board. 

For the roofing I cut shingles out of some cardstock and glued them haphazardly to the roofs to give that run-down appearance and to "match" the look of the roof on the wizard tower terrain piece I've had waiting to paint for a few years.

The last bit a worked on before calling it a day was finding something to use for rails. Digging through my molds I found the Hirst Arts graveyard mold, which has a nifty iron fence that I'll use on all the balconies.

There is still quite a bit left to do but the table is quickly coming together.