I need a drink ... Burn In Designs El Tarasco

Terrain Review – Awhile back I picked up the El Tarasco Bar from Burn In Designs. This is a cool laser cut MDF kit that is part of his Old West Rock Ridge line. I'm not going to be using it for that but will rather use it as part of my desert board as a random back water outpost. 

Just a few points on the kit

• The kit comes with no instructions and I couldn't find any online so it did take me a little while to sort out the parts.

• It ships with masking tape on the boards to hold the parts on the sheet. Which because I left it on my shelf for months was annoying to get the adhesive off. (note don't leave it on the shelf for months)

• One of the stairs needs to be trimmed, it juts out far enough that the back wall doesn't attach properly.

Once you get around these tiny hurdles the kit goes together well and offers a unique piece of terrain that could be a centerpiece to a desert table or part of a larger town. I don't play Wild West Exodus or Malifaux so I'll be using these for either generic modern games or as a outpost on a backwater planet for Warhammer 40k, maybe even the cursed earth for Judge Dredd.

I'm happy with the  kit as a whole and I think with the right paint job it's going to look amazing on my table with the rest of the desert terrain. I'm going to be looking for some more 1:43 scale cars and some other terrain to make some variations on the wasteland theme. This is Not a Test has been on my radar for a little while now and once the hardback comes out I might give it a try.