On the painting table ... Gooey Filled Center

Dungeons & Dragons – This demon job seems to be taking significantly longer than usual. After several variations I think I finally got the skin tone right on these plague demons. It's a shame my camera isn't picking up all the subtle variations in tone, I suppose once I'm done and set up the light box and use my real camera instead of my phone the photos will showcase the sick skin color.

I'm really surprised at how well the GW blood effect works. It doesn't take much to create a gory disgusting look. Much easier than mixing red ink and gloss varnish to get a similar look. I'm not sure what they put in it but the paint even has a congeeling blood consistency, so it doesn't run all over the place.

The lava effect in the last photo matches up to the Golden God I painted last year. Just slightly different because I used my rock bases instead of the hell bases. I like using these because they're generic enough to fit with many different themes just by changing the paint color.

You can see the Minotaur and red devil demon in the background of these pictures, they're next on my list to wrap up for this job. I'm practicing some techniques one the smaller models before I apply them to the big Netherlords.