Your list is only 10 models?

BATTLE REPORT: Warhammer 40,000 – Some time ago I painted a boatload of assasin models for a client/friend. At the time I though he was crazy and couldn't imagine ever being able to field them outside of the random apocalypse game. The other day I went up to the game store to get in a 1500 point game. I had scheduled a game with an eldar opponent who had to bail due to other commitments. Luckily Glen also had his opponent bail on him as well so I was able to get in a game.

We decided to play the "Sacrificial Lamb" Mission out of Angels of Death, because we got a late start all of the good tables were taken so we played on a bare table with a mishmash of terrain on it. (One of the dangers of playing at game stores is the availability of good tables) Per the mission rules I set up first and had to put a unit in reserve for each unit I deployed. I won't be able to start rolling for reserves until turn 3, but when they come in everything does at once.

My List


HQ - Tech Marine bike with conversion beamer

TROOP - Tactical Squad in Razorback

TROOP - Tactical Squad in Razorback 

LORD OF WAR - Knight Acheron 

Armoured Taskforce Formation


(3) Thunderfire Cannons

(2) Vindicator

(1) Whirlwind

His List

(2) Caldius Assassins

(8) Vindicare Assassins

Based on the mission I deployed my artillery, barrage and Knight on the board to start. He then deployed his assassins in a way that made me questions why anyone would every take artillery. I fail to seize and my opponent proceeds to go to work. (Note: I completely forgot Feel No Pain and It Will Not Die both of which may have made a serious impact on the game, someday I won't suck at 40K

The first turn sees me lose a hull point on the knight, whirlwind, and two thunderfire cannons. The knight walks forward and kills one assassin in shoting and charges the other stomping him into the mud. The second turn sees me lose the other cannon, more hull points on the knight with me taking out another assassin. Turn three is looking really bleak with the Knight my only model left on the board when I make the reserve roll and the calvary arrives. The salvo I unleash takes out a few more assassins and puts me back in the game.

Turn four the knight explodes and scatters away from the action. There's some back and forth between the marines and assassins a few wounds tossed back a forth but nothing major. Turn five sees the game continue to six where it ends.

Once we tally up the points for the mission the assassins win by one point. Only three of the ten survived the battle and I had my tactical squads left.