Big Tanks ... Fellblade WIP

Warhammer 40,000 – I recently came across a very good deal on a Fellblade Super Heavy Tank, I'm not sure how much I'll actually use it but having access to a super-heavy that's considered part of my "faction" will be useful for events that allow Forgeworld but restrict to one faction. Most of the time I'd prefer an Imperial Knight for versatility.

The kit didn't have instructions, probably part of the reason it was such a good deal, so putting it together was a little tricky. Overall the resin wasn't to badly warped so I didn't have to do much boiling and straightening. The gun barrels are really the only part that was noticeably curved (which seems to be common on resin gun barrels).

I opted to just build it as the base model with the hatches closed because I can't imagine sinking more than the 540 base points into this monstrosity. Worst case I can magnetize some pintle weapons at a later date.

Having played several games against one of these I can say it does a good job of drawing a ton of fire and whiping out units in droves. While not as versitle as a Knight, the Fellblade is much more survivable. I can't waiting to start getting some paint on this.