WIP ... Thunder Struck Purple Rain

Warhammer 40,000 – I'm really excited about the Angels of Death supplement, I've been a fan of the Iron Hands rules for a little while and bringing back the "It will not die" on all vehicles in the army is nice. Making an all tank army is a viable option with the added boost the supplement brings to the table.

As such I've been working on a new list to motivate myself to get my own models painted. Its funny with the amount of painting I do most of my own models sit neglected or just base coated so they're not grey plastic. One of the hazards of turning something you love into a "business" I guess. Occasionally I'll get a slight lull between commission projects that I'll try and squeeze in 1500 points of marines so I can keep my full chapter on track to be finished sometime this century.

In this batch I'm working on some Forge World older marks of armor for tactical squads, thunderfire cannons and the crew. Once these are done I'll move on and get the tanks wrapped up.

The 1500 point list I'm working on is looking like:
Tech Marine on bike with Conversion Beamer
Tact Squad in Razorback
Tact Squad in Razorback
Landraider Achilles
Thunderfire Cannon
Armoured Taskforce
(1) Techmarine
(3) Thunderfire Cannons
(2) Vindicators
(1) Whirlwind 

For 2000 point games I just need to swap out four models, a turrent and add a Knight Atrapos. I think this will be fun and really effective against infantry. I feel like it will have some issues with tanks and super heavies but I like the look and theme of the list.