Spring Cleaning ... Deals to be had

So it's that time of year again when I go through my game room and start trying to organize. I love my stuff and would love to never part with it, however I love new stuff and always want more. The problem is I don't have an infinite amount of space and the fact the my wife has conceded almost the entire basement to my hobbies means I need to keep my stuff in check so it doesn't begin to consume the rest of the house.

I started this blog almost seven years ago and based many of my posts around the new hot game of the time: Malifaux. For quite some time I was super involved with the game and it was my primary focus. unfortunetely it fell out of favor with my local group and I lost interest when it went to it's second edition. I'm sure the game is still really fun but I don't have the time or desire to get myself back up to speed and put in the grind to build a local community back up.

So what does that depressing paragraph mean to you my dear reader? Well it means you can find some pretty amazing deals on OOP First Edition Malifaux models. Check out this link to my ebay store and grab up the good deals. Don't wait as these won't last long.

I also have posted some of the game tables I made for Malifaux these 3'x3' boards are super useful for skirmish games and will be available for local pick up only. I really don't want to deal with freight and building shipping crates on these so Metro Detroit only on the game tables.

I'll be posting up other random deals throughout the next two months as I finish organizing my game room.