RIW - Thursday Night 40K

BATTLE REPORT: Warhammer 40,000 – I recently made a trek down over to Flatlands Games in Wixom,MI for a team game. We decided to play 1500 points a player with a standard malestrom mission.

I put together a simple CAD to bring since this was the first time I played with one of the guys and only my third game against the other. I didn't want to do anything to crazy. I opted for White Scars (However looking back on it the Iron Hands would be way better for the Feel No Pain roll.)

HQ - Tech Marine on Bike with Conversion Beamer

TROOP - Three man Bike Squad with (2) Gravgun

TROOP - Three man Bike Squad with (2) Gravgun

TROOP - Three man Bike Squad with (2) Gravgun and Power Lance

TROOP - Tactical Squad (Combimelta, Melta, Imperial Marine) Razorback with Assault Cannon

TROOP - Tactical Squad Rhino

HEAVY - Relic Sicarian

HEAVY - Grav Centurions in Landraider Crusader

FAST - Landspeeder Mulitmelta/Assault Cannon 

FAST - Landspeeder Mulitmelta/Assault Cannon 


It's a pretty straightforward list that should have been pretty good. My opponent played Guard with a bunch of tanks and basilisks as well as an infantry blob squad lead by Yarick. 


We faced off against Ultramarines using the Scout Company formation and Orbital Stike Force Formation with a Flyer Wing teamed up with a Wulfen and Thunderwolves. This was my first time seeing the Wulfen in action and I was curious to see what they could do.

We set up first and were ready to lay down some hurt on the first turn, however they siezed the initative and we got to be on the receiving end of the hurt. The Wulfen some chart they roll on that grants special abilities to other Space Wolf models. What that meant for my squishy guard ally was a face full of hammer and fur as the Thunderwolves moved twice and assaulted his lines. The Orbital Strike force and Space Wolf Drop Pods crashed down in front of the guard player essentially cutting off his LOS to most of the table. After the smoke disapated a bit I had lost the Siccarian, and the majority of the blob squad was cleared as well as the sentinals on the far edge of the board.


On our turn all my grav didn't have many hard targets just a bunch of jinking speeders. So I felt a bit ineffective, my partner on the other hand could do no better. I had an ominous feeling at this point things were not going to go well for us. The Malestrom card didn't help either as our objectives seemed to always be on the other side of the table.


The second turn continued the meat grinder as the Thunderwolves continued to eat the guard side of our lines. Manuvering around the mess of drop pods and speeders proved difficult and once again it was a pretty ineffective turn for us.

Over all this was quite the tromping with the guard player being tabled  by the time we had to call the game due to the store closing. It was still fun and great to see assualt isn't dead in 40K.