If you want to go to war ...

Warhammer 40,000 – If you want to accomplish something have a plan.

I recently sat down with the Angels of Death Supplement, Battlescribe and my cabinet of models to determine how I'm going to go about rebasing and completing the paint on all these guys. (So I can build the rest of the ones on sprue and paint them as well). I decided that since painting specific lists for events worked the last two times I had a moment to work on my own models that I should use that idea as a guide to get things done.

First I pulled out models that I really like the look of and want to use. While having a super effective list is cool and all I prefer to play with models I like the look of. When that happens to also be a strong model then it's just gravy.

Second, I decided that I like the Iron Hands, I'd been messing around adding cybernetics to my models here and there just because they look cool. With the new formations and clarification about vehicles I can run my mechanized marines again pretty effectively. I liked the Stormlance formation when it was White Scars, now that I can run it with Iron Hands I love it. The razorbacks and rhinos are just a bit more survivable and jumping in and out is a fun way to deal with many of my regular opponents.

Third, I built several lists that used the models I like, fit the formations I want to run and falls in the 1500 point category. Some of the lists share elements but for the most part each one has distinctive elements which I'll need to paint and complete. 

Now that I have a good starting point I can start focusing on getting the units complete one list at a time. This way I have a clear goal in mind and once I get one done I'll take it out to play in an event as a reward. If there are any local events I can always do game night at one of the local stores.