On the painting table ... Deathwatch

Warhammer 40,000 – One of my regular clients sent over the Deathwatch marines from the Overkill board game to have painted to match his Inquisitor/Grey Knight/Assassin force. I don't know how effective they are on the battlefield but the models look amazing. They are however one pose models, which is the thing I dislike about other companies plastic models. The poses are dynamic and look cool, however the end result is you have the exact same models as everyone else that chooses to play it. The thing that always set GW above the rest was the possibility and customizability of their models and kits. I have bins of space marine parts and can spend days building random dudes that just look cool. With the new direction that is significantly harder to do. Hopefully the multi part kits with more possibility stay part of the range in the future.

The Overkill marines go together smoothly as long as you look at the directions briefly. The poses look great as character models. I don't love the change on the shoulder pad from the old plastic shoulder pad that was part of the commander kit. Having the "I" bleed into the trim feels weird to me and makes highlighting the "I" in red feel like you need to go all the way around the trim. I might just go back to the way they're shown on the box rather than what I remember as a traditional scheme.

 For the Same client I'm also working on some of the special finecast chapter masters to match his existing Salamanders force. Of these four I like the jump pack guy and the tech marine looking guy the other two are a bit strange to me.