Guild Ball ... WIP Hunter's Guild

Guild Ball – The popularity of skirmish games never ceases to amaze me. They tend to burn bright and fade away quickly. When I started this blog Malifuax was fresh and new and over the course seven years I've seen many games come and go. It's always cool to see a new game on the rise, mostly because that means I get new models to paint. 

One such game is Guild Ball, this game is a sports ball varient with combat mechanics. I guess it's played on a regular tabletop board instead of a grid or hex mat like other games. It looks interesting but at the moment I'm skirmished out and for my personal gaming staying focused on Warhammer until I get things completed. That means when a client sends me something fresh and new I get super excited. 

The Hunter's Guild and Union models I was sent were the metal versions. I guess they make resin versions as well. The metal went together really smooth and I'm impressed with the way they were able to spilt up the molds. My client provided me with the resin base inserts which are meant to look like the field. I'm not super impressed with them but they do the trick of making all the players look cohesive.