On the painting table ... Menagerie

Work in Progress – Wow, aside from a report on the play when I was in High School I never imagined I'd be using menagerie to describe anything let alone my painting table.

Currently I'm working on a bunch of models for a variety of systems that share enough in common that I'm assembly line painting all of them.

First up is a small Joker crew for the Batman Miniatures Game. This is the Health Ledger version which is my favorite Joker to date. The sculpt is pretty good but it's going to take a bit more work to really make it look good. Same with the goons, decent sculpts but lots of flat areas that need more attention.

Next is a few more Arena Rex models, this includes the Rhino, Gimpy-arm guy and a Barbarian with spear. Super detailed amazing models. They are tricky to put together though.

Confrontation is a game I never had any interest in a group of werewolves, knights and orks has found it's way to my table as well.

Malifaux Guild Guard are also lurking here. The plastic models are way nicer than the old metals however if you ever needed more than two you run into the dynamic model problem of a dozen or some models pointing the same way. As one-offs though they look great.

Also in this batch I'm working on some Dungeons and Dragons Character models. The very dynamic paladin from Dark Sword as well as a pretty decent rogue from Reaper.

Progress should go pretty fast on most of the models which are being done to a tabletop standard. The D&D models will be going to the higher level.