So a Knight and a Rogue walk into the bar ...

Dungeons & Dragons – I just wrapped up two more characters for a client. These are both pretty cool models and I'm really happy with how the paint turned out. For the knight's cape I went back to my any color red highlight. I'm disappointed I haven't been able to find this product for any other colors because it works amazing to get that nice highlight without turning orange or pink.

The face was tricky as my client wanted freckles initially I did some that were way to dark they stood out from a distance but needed to be significantly more subtle. I opted to go with a few shades darker than the skin tone instead which looks great in person but is to subtle to photograph well. 

The rouge was very straight forward and simple. The sash really helps to break up the model. 

These are going to look really good on the tabletop battling the various monsters I've painted for her DM. Sometimes when I do commission work like this I wish I could see the models in action as that's the most rewarding part of this hobby actually playing out the battles and events with amazingly painted miniatures.

I just got word from my other client in this group that I should have more terrain on the way to paint to match so that will be another fun project.