On the painting table... Heavy G and the Boys

Heavy Gear – So my new client is into pretty much everything. I never really got into Battletech beyond a few novels and gawking at the minis in the mail order catalogs I used to get as a kid. I never really got into the game. The idea of big mechs stomping around a desolate wasteland is still appealing to me but not something I'm going to be able to shoehorn into my existing game rotation. So now enter the joys commission work. I get to enjoy painting up the models for games I'll never play and be able to live vicariously through my clients.

These are really cool little kits I guess they're made in the USA ('america F yeah) and all the options for each model is on the sprue. It's hard plastic but not polystyrene because my plastic glue did nothing. I'm guessing it's an ABS type plastic so Gorilla Gel Super Glue is the way to go with these little buggers. 

Of course they only show how to put one type together in the "instructions" so I'm pretty much winging it by looking at the single photo of each and matching it up with the description on the sprue. Not exactly the most efficient. I can put a Space Marine together with my eyes closed but these are taking me a half hour or more to sort out and glue the little components together. Hopefully it will go faster on the next batch.