Sin City ... Welcome to Haven

The Others: Seven Sins – I recently received a big box of stuff for the C'MON kickstarter The Others: Seven Sins. (yeah the name is a bit long... I'm just going to call it The Others). As will most C'MON kickstarters it was late about five months or so, nothing compared to the several year delay of Kingdom Death or Relic Knight but still a sizable delay. I'm not sure how their estimator still has a job with that kind of track record, but honestly this wasn't something I was super eager to get, the amount of stuff you got for $100 was pretty sick and even if the game turned out terrible they'd be fun to paint.

After opening the core box and reading through the rules a few times it sounds like the game is going to be fun. It's another dudes on a board game that looks similar to Zombicide, Ghostbusters and a variety of other $100+ big box games. The difference is this isn't pure co-op One player is the sins player and the rest play the heroes so it will support up to 5 players at the moment. The cool thing is the number of heroes on the board change with the player count but the Hero Team always has seven characters to use over the course of the game, sort of like extra lives. The Heroes win if they complete all the missions on the story, the Sins player wins if a Hero is removed and there isn't another one in reserve to replace the fallen hero. Essentially you have to kill 3-4 heroes to win if you're the sins player.

The core box is a nice big linen box and each expansion is also it's own box which also is a nice linen material. The Kickstarter exclusive box looks the same but is made out of a basic cardstock. In all there are eight boxes, which are all super nice but totally unnecessary and will take up to much shelf space is my already bursting at the seams game room. I'll be condensing at some point (once I'm sure I won't ebay this off).

All the boxes are well packed for shipping but not so much for useful storage. The clear plastic trays are fine but they take up lots of space in the box. I opted to get some snack size and regular ziplock bags, that way I can sort the models by type or team and take up 1/4 of the space. For the tokens I picked up a super useful 11" small parts container from Home Depot this had room for all the tokens and the extra plastic parts (if the game didn't come with dice bags it had room to fit some dice as well). After a bit of puzzling out the best configuration I was able to fit all the boards, cards etc and token bin into the core box and the models from the core box and the Team Expansions into the nice linen Team box. I'll have to address the expansion sin boxes later once I decide it I'm painting this or not. 

Although I've read through the rules a few time and did a dry run of the game I haven't had a chance to play through it with anyone else to have a solid opinion of game play. The theme and components of this game are very nice and on paper the rules seem to also fit that them well. I'll post more about this in the future I'm sure.