Can't hardly breath ... Catching up

Random – So Labor Day week I took the family out to the Wisconsin Dells, it was an interesting trip as I've never been there and had no idea what to expect. We arrived after the season had ended so it was pretty relaxed. We took a DUCK ride down the river and checked out the State Parks in the area, where we wound up going of the trail and getting lost for a little while. (super proud on my boys who toughed it out and climbed through some rather difficult terrain.) We also checked out the House on the Rock, which I wanted to see ever since reading American Gods. Very weird place but glad I went through, it took us 5 hours to get through the whole thing. 

Anyway besides being a week behind because of vacation I've been swamped with real life work as well as commissions which leaves precious little time for blogging. I'm hoping to do a catch up week soon to bring my readers up to speed with my current project load. It's hard to believe September is already gone.

Right now on my plate are: Skaven Army Salvage, Infinity Force, Batman Force, Valkyrie Formation, Space Hulk set, Egyptians for Arena Rex, Necromancer for Confrontation, Ultramarine Drop Pods, Crossroads Seven for Malifaux, Space Wolf Thunderwolf Formation, Three Knight House, Heavy Gear Two Player Starter and getting 1000 points of my marines ready for an event at the end of October.

It sometimes feels a bit oppressive, but I love to paint and build models so eventually it turns to a moment of Zen.