Dropping in - Gladius to see you

Warhammer 40,000 – What's better than one drop pod? How about four? I just wrapped up these for a client to a basic 3-color+ job. At this point I've assembeled and painted about 25 of these and feel like it gets just a little easier each time.

Apparently my client began working on his Ultramarine army and got so frustrated trying to put these together he went back to the store and asked if they would reccomend someone to build and paint these for him. (the exaggerated story I heard was some may have been bought and smashed into the wall which sounds so much more fun).

Anyway these were based with Macragge Blue washed with Drakenfield Nighshade and quickly edge hightlighted to smooth out the wash. Once I add in the decals and seal these they'll be complete.