On the painting table ... Star Phantoms Centurions

Warhammer 40,000 – So the command squad I painted for the RIW Painters Showcase sold a week after they put it up. Not exactly a prolonged advertising venture but pretty cool that mine is the only set that has sold from that portion of their case. Hopefully the buyer will contact me to get the rest of the army painted up.

This time around I opted to do a Centurion kit in the same color scheme. I figure Grav Centurions would love a round of twin linking right? I also have the full decal sheet I printed and figure eventually I'll have painted a full army. This time however I need to take pictures before I drop them off. With the last batch I was going to come back for photos later but they sold to fast.

The scheme is a simple black and white one that really stands out on the tabletop. I put them on bases I made to match the Bug Hunt Corridor kit as I've seen several people with the same kit that I have in the store so it'd be nice to see them in a boarding action. Who knows I might breakdown and do a allied force in a different scheme than my Twilight Ravens in  the future.