Going Berserk ... Night Lords Shock Troops


Warhammer 40,000 – Khorne Berserkers and excellent shock troops, if you can get them into combat they tear through infantry with ease. Which means they're an excellent addition to my Night Lords force. In order to force sweet leadership checks casualties need to occur, these guys will deliver.


The current box set for Khorne Berserkers is really old and probably one of the worst kits in the Chaos Marine range. (which considering the other aging kits really says something) The newer Age of Sigmar models have mush better sculpts and with a little work can make excellent Khorne Berserkers. 


I started with the Blood Warriors as the basis for this conversion. Adding some backpacks and shoulder pads is an easy way to make them look the part. I however wasn't a fan of the boots, digging through my various bits I found the Mark III Iron Armor legs fit pretty good when hacked off at the knee. To get the chain axes I carefully trimmed the blade off some chain swords and attached to the edge of the axes that came with the Blood Warriors.

The overall effect is something I'm really happy with. The power fist champion has a bit of a disco pose, but once I add some gore I think the action looks natural-ish.

Painting I stuck with the traditional Night Lords colors, deep blue, brass/copper trim with lighting bolts. The heads are all red to distinguish them as a cult force within my warband. I'm considering adding blood effect to the hands to play up the murder cult aspect which dates back to the gangs of Nostramo.